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Lake Fork Bass Guide Service James Caldemeyer

Client Comments

James@officiallakeforktrophybass.com or call 903-736-9888.

I appreciate the time that my clients have taken to share their trip experiences. I have made many friends from all over the world. I would like to share some of their comments with you.

Hey man, I hope all is well with you. Kevin and I fished with you a couple of weeks ago. We wanted to say thanks for turning us onto Grande Bass baits. We fished them at a private lake yesterday and caught 30+ fish in 4 hours. They killed the Rattle Snake. I won't doubt you anymore. I have already ordered a new supply.

Looking forward to booking another trip for Spring.

Jon Frank ,

Thank you so much for the photo's, they really came out very well, as I'm sure you saw on the boat, I was absolutely thrilled with the time we spent together, and still have a smile on my face from having improved on my best by quite some way. James, in terms of guides, you are in every way "the real deal!" Not only are you a very talented angler, and one that knows Lake Fork incredibly well, but your ability to locate and put a client on huge fish is very obvious. The way you adapted to the difficult and changing conditions was key to me having a successful trip, as well as working so very hard to ensure that the fish we found were put in the boat, it was awesome. The fishing aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent on and off the water together, chatting about our mutual passion and so many other things. You certainly know what it takes to have a client walk away from their fishing experience fully satisfied. Please don't ever hesitate to put my name forward if someone is looking for a reference, I already look forward to my trip next year, and assure you that I will be booking with you again. My sincere thanks.

Pierre Gauteng, South Africa,

James! I can`t thank you enough for the wonderful trip I had last Thursday. I learned more from you in 5 hrs than I`ve learned in almost 40 yrs of fishing. Up until catching that monster I had caught less than 10 bass total and none over 2 lbs. Catching that monster (10.20 lbs) was the highlight of my life. I still have to pinch myself to be sure it was real. But, then again, I`ll have the mount from Lake Fork Taxidermy to prove it. You are a true gentlemen and a bonafied expert in the art of bass fishing. I WILL BE BACK. For the masses out there, I cant recommend this man enough. If you come, you will catch fish.

Robert Davis,

Thank you for an outstanding day on the water. I truly mean it when I say it was the best day fishing I have had since back in the early '90's on Lake Fork. Despite the wind you displayed the stamina of the professional guide you are making our day a success. You taught me so much about identifying the types of fish on the Lowrance and about using the Carolina Rig. I'm not sure I will ever use anything but the C-rig in the future. Of course using it is one thing finding the fish to bite it is another. I can see I will need to spend a day on the water with my instruction book and my Lowrance in order to know where to fish. I'm going to enjoy learning.

Again, it was a joy and a blessing to spend the day with you.

Gary Hancock,