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Lake Fork Fishing Report April 2019

Hey folks! It is April and the spring fishing on Lake Fork has really turned on. The last several weeks my clients and I have been catching a lot of big bass. These fish are rushing the shallows and their annual spawning activities are in full swing. If you are in search of a trophy...
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Lake Fork Monthly Fishing Report, March 2019

March Mayhem on Lake Fork has commenced once again and what a great month it is to catch giant bass! The spring season has already started off well with lots of big fish being caught on the lake despite lots of unpredictable spring weather. There will continue to be more big bass action to come...
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Lake Fork Monthly Fishing Report, February 2019

Welcome to Lake Fork everyone! February is here. Everyone that has had cabin fever over the winter is heading out to the lake to take advantage of the early spring opportunities to catch a giant Lake Fork bass. This time of year is so exciting because you can catch a giant on any given cast...
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Lake Fork Monthly Fishing Report, January 2019

Happy New Year from Lake Fork everyone! It’s the start of a great year here at the big bass capital of the world. I’m excited about all the great fishing ahead and the numerous great events scheduled for this year. It is going to be an excellent year so start getting your fishing gear ready...
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