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Lake Fork Fishing Report October 2020

It’s October on Lake Fork and man I’m excited about that! This cooler weather feels great and the fish like it too! You can catch a lot of quality fish this month and often have a limited amount of boat traffic to compete with. Hunting seasons have started, and many anglers opt for the woods...
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Lake Fork Fishing Report September 2020

September on Lake Fork has arrived! With it brings the potential for some cooler weather and the early signs of fall. The only thing “consistent” about September fishing on Lake Fork is that it’s “inconsistent”. The biggest tournament of the year will be in play as Bob Sealy always puts on a great event in...
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Lake Fork Fishing Report August 2020

August is a fun month at Lake Fork if you don’t mind the heat! It’s a great time to get the kids out one last time before they head back to school for the year. The bass are often active early and late in the day so you can take them out for a short...
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Lake Fork Fishing Report July 2020

July is BLAZING on Lake Fork! The bass fishing couldn’t be better as we head deep into the summer. If you can stand the heat, you’ll want to head this way for some trophy bass action. It’s also a great opportunity to spend a day at the lake with the kids before the school year...
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