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Lake Fork Fishing Report April 2022

April is big bass month on Lake Fork! With all cold winter weather that we’ve had this year the spawn is a lot slower in progression than normal. We barely saw a movement of bass heading to the shallows to spawn last month so you can expect that this month with be spectacular as the...
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Lake Fork Fishing Report March 2022

March is finally here on Lake Fork! With it brings some early signs of spring on the horizon. It is an awesome month to catch the fish of your dreams as some of the biggest bass in Lake Fork start to prepare for the annual spring spawn. Major...

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Lake Fork Fishing Report February 2022

The month of February is here at Lake Fork! With springtime right around the corner, the activity on the lake will become very exciting. Many anglers will gear up and head out to chase the fish of a lifetime. The big bass will be lurking and ready to make dreams come true. Here is what’s...
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Lake Fork Fishing Report January 2022

Happy New Year from Lake Fork everyone! I’m excited to begin the year 2022 and all the great things it’s going to bring. This could be a very special year here at Lake Fork for several reasons. We have a lot going on from being rated the #1 lake in the country per Bassmaster...
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