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Lake Fork Monthly Fishing Report, February 2017

February is a big month at Lake Fork for big bass! The fish are moving heavily into their pre-spawn patterns and preparing themselves for their annual migration to the spawning grounds. If you are eager to catch a trophy bass before the spring crowds roll in, now is the time to get out on...
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Lake Fork Monthly Fishing Report, January 2017

Happy New Year everyone! It’s hard to believe that another year has passed already and it's 2017. The 2016 fishing year on Lake Fork was spectacular and I expect this year to be just as good or better. We saw a lot of big fish caught and the lake has had back-to-back spawns that have...
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Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report april 6 2014

April is big bass month on Lake Fork! With all cold winter weather that we had this year the spawn is a lot slower in progression than normal. We barely saw a movement of bass heading to the shallows to spawn last month so you can expect that this month with be spectacular as the...

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