Thank you so much, for the fun day on Lake Fork. John and I had a GREAT time! It was very nice to get away for one day and relax. Thanks for putting us on all those fish and putting up with the two of us. We can be a handful at times.

Again, I can’t really tell you in words how much fun we had with you. It was a trip neither of us will ever forget. WE will be booking another trip very soon. I would like to book one with you in winter and another one in the spring. You do an excellent job providing a memorable experience for your clients and it was well worth the price.

I think John told you that we took the Grande Bass Rattlesnakes to a private lake on the 4th of July and in 4 hours, caught 30+ fish. WE did get a couple bites on other baits, but when we tied on the Rattlesnake Texas rigged, it was on. They killed it!!! You said you would make believers and we are now. You will have to pry them out of my dead hands, if you want them back.

Thanks again, for a great trip. We had a blast with you! Be safe and we’ll talk soon.

Kevin Potts,